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Factores de riesgo de melanoma entre los supervivientes de linfomas no hodgkinianos 

Los resultados de los autores sugieren que la perturbación inmunitaria puede contribuir a la aparición de melanoma, tras una leucemia linfocítica crónica/linfoma linfocítico de células pequeñas. El aumento de la vigilancia está justificado en los supervivientes de linfomas no hodgkinianos, a fin de maximizar las oportunidades de detección precoz de un melanoma. Leer más

Melanoma: los cambios en los biomarcadores reflejan mejores resultados con ipilimumab

Las cantidades absolutas de linfocitos (CAL) a las 2-8 semanas y el retraso de los aumentos en los linfocitos T CD4+ y CD8+ después del inicio de ipilimumab se asocian con unos mejores resultados. Leer más

PDE5 inhibitors: normal use not linked to cutaneous melanoma

There is no association between phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5-Is) and a higher risk for melanoma skin cancer, although there may be a modest increase in risk among the heaviest users. Read more

Metastatic Melanoma, with ciliary body (globe) involvement.

These images demonstrate 2 partially solid and partially cystic T1 hyperintense, enhancing, hemorrhagic lesions involving the left cerebral hemisphere in this 68-year-old female. A convex margin is identified along the superolateral aspect of the right vitreous. There is prominent T2 hypointense signal with enhancement. The patient had a primary diagnosis of metastatic melanoma including 2 metastatic lesions within the left cerebral hemisphere. A third lesion is identified centered in the ciliary body of the right orbit. Metastatic ocular disease to the globe is the second most common intraocular mass lesion in the adult population. The most common primary intraocular lesion in the adult population is primary uveal melanoma. Other causes include hemangioma, leiomyoma, and osteoma. The most common primary sites of metastaic disease to the globe include lung and breast cancer, though melanoma and renal cell carcinoma may also be seen. Retinal detachment may or may not be present.. See more
Metastatic Melanoma to Bone

Patient with known left lower extremity melanoma. Contrast enhanced CT of the pelvis demonstrates a large soft tissue mass involving the left iliac bone and adjacent muscles. There is significant bony destruction. This is biopsy proven melanoma metastasis. See more


MRI images demonstrates a T1 hyperintense lesion in the liver, a classic finding for metastatic melanoma. See more